Sozopol - Entertainment

Sunbathing, swimming and practising water sports are just at the beginning of the enormous list of interesting activities that Sozopol offers to its guests.

While staying on the beach you can enjoy riding a surf, a jet or a water wheel, sailing with a boat or a yacht, flying with a parachute, diving into the waters of The Black Sea together with sitting on the sand building towers and eating a delicious ice-cream. See more information on the page Nature and Beaches.

Nature admirers will love the huge number of trips offered in Sozopol. Among them you can find a jeep safari, a row with a boat around the town, a row with a boat together with fishing and a picnic, a row with a boat on the outfall of Ropotamo river, a 25 km drive with a plane and a horse ride.

There are also all day excursions to famous historical and cultural destinations such as:

- Nessebar - the perl of The Black Sea coast
- Varna - the sea capital of Bulgaria
- Veliko Tarnovo - the most preserved former capital of Bulgaria

If you are interested in cultural sightseeing in Sozopol you will enjoy visiting a lot of ancient churches and fortress remains, museums, houses with Renaissance architecture and galleries. For more information see the page Culture and History.

And if the intensive daylife hasn't taken all your strenght have a wonderful time during the nights when you can make a journey through hundreds of restaurants and bars or walk along the streets and enjoy the work of street artists, photographers, animators and festival dancers.