Sozopol - Nature and Beaches

There are two beaches in Sozopol - Central Beach in The Old Town and Harmany Beach in The New Town. Entering them is free of charge. If you want to use a sunshade or chaise-longue the price is 3 levs per day. If you don't want to use any of these facilities you will be asked to go a little further from the sea where you can stay free of charge. The beaches are served by bay watch people - if the waves are too big and the flag is red they will ask you not to enter the sea. Top-less sunbathing is allowed, nudists are not allowed. A big number of small restaurants and places to eat and drink are located nearby the beaches.

A very good place to visit is also The Rocky Beach surrounding The Old Town. There is no sand but some of the rocks are flat and comfortable and between them you can find a small pool where the water is deep enough for swimming. It's fun to climb them too. There are not many tourists there as they prefer the sandy beaches but you can often see art students sketching this beautiful place.

There are also nice beaches located close to Sozopol - Dyuni Beach (famous for its unique sand dunes) and Gold Fish Beach (preferred by surfers and for camping).

Port of Sozopol - it is used for passenger transportation, tours and cargo shipment. There are seven ship places and a harbour station with a checkpoint. Moreover Sozopol offers yacht harbours and quays for fishing boats.

In the vicinity of the town there are a few nature reserves and conservation areas.

The island of Saint Ivan is situated just 2km away from the old town in northern direction. It is the biggest Black Sea island in Bulgarian territorial waters and shelters a sonar lighthouse showing the way to Bourgas Bay. Once upon a time (6 centuries ago), the island hosted a monastery called The Holy Virgin which was later renamed into St. Ivan Prodromos (St. Ioan Precursor). You can get there by taking a boat from the port in The Old Town of Sozopol. In the sea off this island there is a unique underwater natural phenomenon known as the stone forest.

No further than 10 km to the south of Sozopol there are the nature reserves of Water Lilies and Ropotamo River. The conservation area of Kolokita is between Rayski Zaliv and Kavatsite Campsite. It features a fascinating combination of picturesque scenery, cliffs, fiords and marine aquavatoria.