Sozopol - Transport

If you come by car from the city of Bourgas take the road going to the south and the resorts of Chernomorets, Primorsko, Kiten. The distance from Bourgas is 34 km and road is very good. Follow the signs to Sozopol. Reaching the town turn right for the New town and left for the Old town. The access by car to the old town is limited. There are no restrictions to enter the New town by car. Be careful, during July and August (the busiest time) the traffic is quite hard and it is very difficult to find place for parking in Sozopol. We recommend you leave your car on one of the guarded parking lots in the new town. The price for 24 h is around 2 $ per car. Any type of standard fuels are widely available in Bulgaria and the area of Sozopol - petrol, unleaded petrol, diesel, LPG, etc.

During the summer, private vans and public buses provide regular transport services to and from Bourgas and the other resorts around. The small bus station is opposite the seaside park and there is a taxi stand in front. Private vans depart from a turn-around 50 meters west. Private "boat-taxis" go to Bourgas, Nessebar, Varna, or practically anywhere. From Sofia there are many bus companies offering regular comfortable coaches to Sozopol.